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Entopia Sneak Preview Press Gathering


Date: 22 April 2016

This Special Purpose Media Kit contains a 7 page write-up about the Entopia Sneak Preview Press Gathering.

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Background history of the organisation (1986 – 2015)

The Penang Butterfly Farm, the tropical world’s 1st butterfly and insect sanctuary, was founded by David Goh in 1986, once a young teacher and self taught entomologist. Now, David Goh is the Chairman of Butterfly House (Pg) Sdn Bhd, the company that manages Entopia. Remarkably, what started off as a hobby during his childhood days had grown into an internationally recognised research and breeding centre for invertebrates, and had attracted the attention of the world’s scientists and scholars in the field of entomology. David Goh was also once the Vice President of the International Association of Butterfly Exhibitors & Suppliers (IABES), an internationally recognised organisation for advancing the international butterfly exhibition industry.

Over the years, Penang Butterfly Farm, had been visited by more than 5 million local & foreign tourists and visitors, and it became the pride and joy of Penang. At its peak, it became the best rated place to visit in and had received numerous other awards. In recent years, Penang Butterfly Farm had realised a new paradigm of its purpose, and in 2015, it rebranded itself into Entopia, a Nature Learning destination. Entopia is now led by Joseph Goh, its Chief Executive Officer.

ENTOPIA – 虫鸣大地 (2016)

Who are we and what we do? Why do we exist?

Entopia is a place designed to inspire visitors to experience nature in a new way. We wish to share the unheard lessons of our natural world with everyone, especially the young.

Entopia is a commitment to help people look at nature differently. We stand up for the earth’s silent majority and give them a voice.

Entopia is a movement to live in harmony with nature – a rallying call for Penangites and the world to get involved!

As a centre for nature learning, we bring the best of the insect world and the plant world together for everyone to experience the harmony in nature. It’s a living classroom to learn new things, have fun and share the love of nature. We hope to inspire as many people as we can to do their part for Mother Nature. It’s also a haven to relax and de-stress. Through various learning and recreational activities conducted by us, we aim to unite human and the environment through the magical memories they take home.

Invertebrates represent 80% of life on earth. Invertebrates are the unseen heroes, the silent majority. Yet people know so little about these creatures and the hard work they do to keep the balance of nature. We exist to give them and nature a voice. These are the stars of our show.

By sharing knowledge about the natural world, both seen and unseen, we hope to make a difference to Mother Nature, one act, one volunteer, one community at a time.

Today, we are pleased to unveil to all our visitors a real-life blueprint for a paradise for invertebrates, plants and humanity.

The Entopian Philosophy


Living in Harmony with Mother Nature


To inspire people to reconnect with Mother Nature through magical moments

The Voices of Nature

The Voices of Nature is what Entopians have been listening to. It is what drives every Entopian to seek harmony in a world of chaos. It is a call from Mother Nature; a call for us to rekindle a harmonious relationship with her. It is a voice that resonates in all of us and humanity is waiting to be awakened by the possibilities of a harmonious future with Nature.

While “Voices of Nature” is Entopia’s tagline, it also acts as a compass for Entopians. Entopians are guided not only through the spirit and voice of Mother Nature, but also through their passion in sharing the larger responsibility of solving some of the world’s toughest problems and challenges through long term education.

Entopians strongly believe that education and awareness should always start with the young, planting seeds of opportunity in making a difference someday; seeds with hope of growing young people into responsible human beings in their lifetime. Choosing to hear the voices of Nature, Entopians are on a path to influence and impact the society in a positive way for many years to come. As responsible human beings, we help the voiceless living share their stories.

About our name and logo

Inspired by Constantinos Doxiadis’ Ekistic philosophy of human settlements, what people need is not utopia (‘no place’) but Entopia (‘in place’) – a real place, which satisfies the dreamer and the scientist, where the projections of the artist and the builder merge. It is paradise on earth for invertebrates, plants and humanity.

Amidst the chaos of our daily lives, Entopia helps all of us rediscover the true balance between human and nature. Looking to nature for the secret of true harmony, we created a logo that sets the perfect stage of seen and unseen beauty with our leafy letterforms. A poetic dance expressed in harmonious strokes, this magical canvas brings together the best of plant and insect worlds.

The plot thickens with the symbolic ‘o’. It is a reminder not to take the unsung heroes in the animal kingdom for granted.With invertebrates representing 80% of life on earth, there is so much we can learn about them and how they make the world a better place for us. The organisation is set to give them and nature a voice. Styled to depict a one-stop hub, the ‘o’ is like our signature portal to a very special paradise on earth, where new discoveries and imaginations take flight. We want to prompt all walks of life across generations to see the world from a different lens. It is almost like an iconic portal to our special paradise on earth that beckons one and all to step in.

Standing tall in lush emerald glory, we hope the colour of nature’s birth will bring the message of harmony, hope and joy. It is a call for the world to act more responsibly, as they relook, rethink and relearn from nature.

Our Values & Essence

This is meant as the place to be, a workplace like no other and an industry springboard for scholars of zoology, biology, bio-science, bio-tech and sciences. On the other hand, we have also been offering job opportunities to talented locals, including aborigines or “orang asli” in our breeding centres, as they naturally understand the breeding habits and handling of jungle creatures so well, primarily invertebrates and reptiles.

We also intend to keep our visitors close to our hearts as we train our employees to recognise that visitors are beyond just customers – the people that walk in can make a difference to the world and eventually create a better future of our next generation.

Our Target Audience

Being a Nature Learning destination, families are our core audience. We are also looking at international travellers, students of all levels and educators from any institutions, special interest groups such as nature lovers, photographers, researchers, entomologists and zoologists.

Once our Phase 2 completes, our facility will provide M.I.C.E. services and we aim to attract the corporate organisations in South East Asia.

The Construction of Entopia

Entopia is the reconstruction of the once Penang Butterfly Farm. We turned the old facility from approximately 30,000 sq ft to now over 100,000 sq ft in Phase 1 of our development (2015 – 2016). And after our opening, the continuation of Phase 2 which is scheduled in 2019 will eventually reveal an expansion to an approximately 140,000 sq ft facility.

Soon to be a very prominent landmark in north of Penang, it will boast one of the largest green-wall in Malaysia, whereby its building facade will be pocketed by thousands of hanging vegetation covering over 20,000 square feet of wall space and measuring over 180 metres in length.

What are the attractions within?

Within Entopia lies two new worlds; The Natureland and The Cocoon.

The Natureland, which is a living garden vivarium, is a shared ecological space for a variety of animal species especially insects, invertebrates and small reptiles living in their re-created natural habitat. This will be the largest butterfly and dragonfly garden in Malaysia with more than 15,000 butterflies flying at one time. The living garden will feature more than 200 species of plants, fresh waterfalls, ponds, visitor trails, caves and other artistic and surreal garden features.

The Cocoon, which is an indoor discovery centre, features two floors of learning exhibition and indoor activities. The Cocoon is designed to allow visitors a self-exploration of invertebrates through various interactive edu-stations. One key highlight of the discovery centre, is the Lumino City; Entopia’s and Malaysia’s very first indoor firefly sanctuary, where visitors can observe the intricacies of firefly breeding, exposing the amazing stages of the fireflies’ life-cycle. Besides self exploration by the visitors, they will also be guided by our nature specialists to participate in fun hands-on learning activities. The entire Cocoon itself is also the state-of-the-art facility whereby the visitor experience will be accompanied by technology guided interpretation.

Some of its other exciting attractions within include the mystery cave, montane pass, tiger trail, pandora forest, downtown entopia and breeding ground. Visitors can understand and observe over 150 species of fauna (invertebrates and other animals) throughout the entire exhibition in Entopia. Motivations in crafting the place

We have most probably inspire ourselves by subconsciously knowing that “Necessity is the mother of invention”. We realise that it is only a matter of time before the planet takes on an irreversible path into destruction if we do nothing about the planet’s future. Our founders strongly believe that education and awareness must start with the young, and that we must plant seeds of opportunity in making a difference for the future; seeds of hope that the young will one day become responsible adults someday. Therefore, with the young as our priority, we are in need of an innovative platform to bring the wisdom of Mother Nature to the world. With the support from our founders, a new direction took place and ideas from every inspired staff soon gave birth to Entopia – a true destination for Nature Learning, for all.


Lessons from nature have to be free from the confines of the classroom to be meaningful. That’s why I dreamed of an idyllic garden to share my passion.
– Mr David Goh, founder of Penang Butterfly Farm & insect enthusiast

It is this same desire to help people live in better harmony with nature that led to our rebirth as Entopia. Imagine nature’s largest classroom and discovery hub, where the hidden jewels of nature are now free to come out to play. This is our very own Entomological Utopia.
-Mr Joseph Goh, CEO of Entopia by Penang Butterfly Farm


Tapestree weaves together a dining experience of slumber-in-nature and simple tasty food at Entopia. If the 1.17km learning adventure in Entopia should spur visitors to find rest, then this section will come as a relishing delight for them. This first ever unique dine-with-butterflies experience serves asian and western mix cuisine with quality selections of homemade-like desserts, snacks, cold drinks, tea and coffee. Visitors and passers-by can also do quick take aways at the Tapestree (To Go) corner.

Tapestree’s shaded enclave surrounded by the splendour view of the tropical butterfly garden’s waterfall and grotto, it’s a place suitable for having great conversations for family and friends.

Flutterings of the winged creatures and rhythmic splashes of the waterfalls are sure to also allow bliss-seekers find rejuvenation in their cool siesta and zest-replenishing sips at the Tapestree.

Entopia Hobby Centre

Young entomologists may realize that their curiosity in the world of invertebrates leads them to Entopia’s hobby centre. Within this live gallery, hobbyist can find the most interesting invertebrates to be adopted as pets and the necessary equipments and kits for crafting out habitat-like environments for self-enjoyment of observing and raising their spineless pets. Hobbyists and specialists can also meet at the hobby centre to share their ideas and findings, from the most interesting habits of invertebrates to how-to-breed tutorials by our hobby centre specialists.

Entopia Learning Programmes

Entopia Learning Programmes make everything come alive on Mother Earth! Our local community’s favourite are a series of amusing and interesting workshops designed for schools and kindergartens, that which requires early pre-booking. With more than 10 years of service in running nature education programmes, our friendly Nature Educators now conduct fun nature-based programmes for walk-in visitors as well.

Part of our nature-learning methodology includes solving adventure quests and even requires taking on living crawlies that will spook you! There are also activities that require people to put on their thinking caps to the ones that stir peoples’ curiosities and even let them face and overcome the fears. Entopia Learning Programmes are conducted in the most meaningful and easy to understand manner, and very often multi-lingual – English, Bahasa Malaysia and Mandarin therefore capable in engaging all kinds of participants. With as many ways possible to educate, with most attention given to the young, the aim of every learning workshop in Entopia is to cultivate a seed of interest in the young about Nature with hope that they will self-nurture one day into responsible adults.

Thankfully, with such good response from the public over the years, our dream team of Nature Educators are continuously motivated in designing some of the most thrilling activities for every visitor.

Friends of Entopia

Friends of Entopia is the membership programme of Entopia. Its members are entitled to unlimited entry and exclusive benefits and privileges to Entopia, its programmes, activities and stores. Some of the privileges include early invitation to events and exclusive access to The Atlas, a private access function venue and gathering place where Friends of Entopia members and Entopians meet.

Entopia will also be planning year-long activities for its members such as photography sessions for every avid nature photographer and even some fun “nature school” activities for children. And there shall be plenty more benefits and activities to be announced once we are officially opened! Being a member of Friends of Entopia does come with exciting privileges for all, especially for locals and nature lovers.

Entopia Soft Opening

We plan to have a soft opening of Entopia on the 2 May 2016, whereby the public can enjoy the following two promotions:

i) Pre-opening Buy 1 Free 1 Promo – From 28 March 2016 until 1 May 2016:

For every one (1) adult pass purchased, get one (1) adult entrance pass for free.

Up to 10,000 Pre-opening Passes to be given away with purchases.

Passes will be sold at Standard Rate.

ii) Soft Opening Promo – From 2 May 2016 until 31 July 2016:

Enjoy an opening introductory rate of RM 39 for adults and RM23 for children age 4 – 12.

Entopia Entrance Rates

Standard Rate Introductory Rate Introductory Period
Adult RM49 RM39 From 2 May 2016 to 31 July 2016
(age 4 – 12)
RM29 RM23
OKU Waived* Waived*
Senior Citizen
(age 60 and above)
RM29 RM23

*Terms & Conditions apply. OKU must present OKU card to be entitled for waiver. Senior Citizen must present passport or national identity card to be entitled for the discounted rate. Introductory rate will be only offered up until 31 July 2016.

Entopia Visiting Hours

Opens 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM daily. Last entrance for visitors is at 6.00pm.

Tapestree Opening Hours

Opens 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM daily.

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