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Tenby Summer Fest

Summer hits Tenby International School Penang again this year on the 16 July 2016 and Entopia's Bug Rover was there to bring nature closer to community.

Summer hits Tenby International School Penang again this year on the 16 July 2016. The event was filled with much enthusiasm and excitement as students, parents and other visitors came to join in the fun. Many food vendors came to promote their exotic cuisines while marketing their respective brands. Entopia too has made our appearance at the event, not only to promote nature caring but also to stimulate curiosities by bringing some excitement and fun to those present. The event began from 9.00am in the morning and lasted till 3.00pm.

Dare Me NotThis time, our Entopia Bug Rover too has made its presence which hosted our nature ambassadors, the Giant Stick Insects, Chilean Rose Tarantula, Empress Scorpion and Leopard Gecko all making their debut in our nicely decorated Bug Rover. Even though nature may sometimes intimidate the civilized world, it still amazes a lot of people in its own unique way. Due to the strategic location of our Bug Rover at the entrance, we were able to attract the visitation of many students and parents. Our live exhibits in the Bug Rover became a hotspot for both the curious and avid bug lovers. Needless to say, amazing selfies and creative photo moments was among the must do thing at Entopia booth. Some even took the challenge interacting with our nature ambassadors while learning about them.

Apart from live exhibition, another exciting challenge awaited to be explored was our “Dare Me Not” game. As the name suggested, it is not for the faint hearted. As humans, we all have one thing in common…that is we are all afraid of the unknown. In this game, there were 2 boxes which was completely covered, each participant would be dared to choose a box to explore its mysterious content. Who knows what sort of creepy creatures were hidden within? There was a brave teenage boy who literally dashed out shrieking after finding out what was actually contained in the mysterious box. Though his initial reaction could be overwhelming, he was so excited that he later brought more friends to take the challenge.

Tenby SummerfestBesides all the fun and excitement, our souvenir corner also gained the interest of some. This is the time where people were able to bring back a piece of Entopia memory with them. At our souvenir corner, we had our cute Entopia mascot erasers, Entopia Orni & Friends Mug, Ruler, Entopia Nature Diary, and amazing insect books authored by the famous Japanese Entomologist and photographer Kazuo Unno. Among the many items displayed, our Entopia Mascot eraser was the most popular followed by the “Insect Book” by Kazuo Unno. Many kids were mesmerized by the beautiful images of insects found within its pages.

Tenby Summerfest Bug Rover CrewSummer is the season associated with fun, liveliness and cheers. It is also the peak season where most animals and plants are active, a season where a wide array of colours can be seen in all the blooming flowers and trees. Similarly, the cheerful and exhilarating ambience filled Ternby Summer Fest with music, activities, exotic cuisines and nature all blend harmoniously to create an unforgettable experience for all.

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