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Occupy Beach Street

The weekend is here once again, and it’s time for the loud and happening Occupy Beach Street which takes place in the heart of Georgetown. Entopia was there to promote our Nature Education Programmes and our Friends of Entopia membership which provides unlimited entry for an entire year.

The Star of the show - Leopard Gecko

This time we brought over our leopard gecko, which attracted adults and children alike as they interacted with it and learnt more about it. Many visitors creatively posed for selfies and photo opportunities with our star attraction. We also exhibited the butterfly lifecycle which includes three separate exhibitions, the first one featured eggs of the butterfly laid on plants, the second exhibit showcased caterpillars chewing on tasty leaves and the third exhibit showed the final stage, the pupa, before transforming into a butterfly.

Insect Jump participants posing
Jump jump like a bug!

Apart from the exhibits we also had something fun & challenging, our “Insect Jump” game. As the name suggests, it involves some jumping to see who can jump the furthest from the starting point in comparison to those high jumpers from the insect world. Starting from the wingless mantis, grasshopper, katydid, cricket, leap roach to the furthest jumper of them all the humble flea. Many tried but only managed to reach up to the katydid, till one teenage boy surprised us all by reaching the distance of leap roach which was 400 cm from the starting point, he was so happy that he got the furthest jump.

Happy butterfly pupa purchaser
Happy butterfly pupa purchaser

Fun and games aside, we brought our butterfly pupae for sale, in hopes to educate and foster in the public a sense of urgency and duty to play their role in preserving nature. The Entopia Hobby Center has a wide range of pupae for sale, this time we brought the eggfly and leopard lacewing pupae to share the magical experience of watching a butterfly emerge from its pupa and take its first flight out into the world! Lucky visitors to our booth this day also had the chance to get a FREE exclusively designed Entopia 2017 calendar. All you had to do was sign up for our Leaf Letter and “Like” on our Facebook fan page (myentopia). We look forward to bring nature closer to you in next month’s Occupy Beach Street event on 5 March 2017!

Free Entopia calendar

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