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Entopians are Out and About

If you are an avid newspaper reader, you might have read about Penang Butterfly Farm’s transformation into Entopia a few months back. Together with that transformation news, is the exciting bit that—Entopia is opening sometime early next year. Yes, the place is still under construction. But that doesn’t mean you won’t be hearing or seeing Entopia or the Entopians being socially engaged.

In case you missed the news, here’s a link about the transformation.

Who are the Entopians you might ask? Since Entopia is where nature exhibition comes alive, Entopians on the other hand are the human beings behind the critters, the green thumbs behind the plants and the two legged creatures, crawling and often times scrambling around the Entopia offices.

So, what have the Entopians been up to lately? Aside from the planning and last minute stifle. They have been out and about proudly showing off the new brand— Entopia.

Just last 27 September 2015, the Association of Tourist Attractions in Penang held a charity event themed, ATAP with a Big Heart at Straits Quay Shopping Marina. The event raised RM5,000 for the Asia Community Services. Entopia was part of that big heart, including a few stick insects I might say. Of course, we didn’t forget the Stick Insects and our little game of Hide and Seek!

Playing Hide & Seek with Stick Insects
Playing Hide & Seek with Stick Insects

Playing Hide & Seek with Stick Insects

The Entopians with a Big Heart
The Entopians with a Big Heart

The Entopians with a Big Heart

Check out more cool photos during that day here..

Fast forward a week after, on the 3rd of October our fellow Entopians, Ms. Lavinia Neoh, Mr. Tan Eng Hua and Ms. Rohani A/P Bah Pek drove over to Kuala Lumpur to participate in a 10 day MAZPA Field Training Course. Surrounded with hundreds of animals at the National Zoo, the group together with 31 others from 14 different organisations around Malaysia learned about the crucial “5 Freedom of Animals” which are; Freedom from Thirst and Hunger, Freedom from Discomfort, Freedom from Pain, Injury & Disease, Freedom in Expressing Normal Behaviour and Freedom from Fear & Stress.

You might be wondering so here it is…MAZPA stands for, Malaysian Association of Zoological Parks and Aquaria which Penang Butterfly Farm or Entopia has been a member for over 8 years. 
It is an organisation which aims to create a platform that develops closer interaction, cooperation and understanding among its members towards wildlife conservation and education in—where else, Malaysia!

Basically, there are all looking into the welfare of all the animals, which is— let’s admit it, a noble and very admiring cause.

Here’s that compulsory and at the same time essential group photo

MAZPA group photo

Vice-Chairman of MAZPA, Mr. Gerard Wong ; Chairman of MAZPA, Dr. Kevin Lazarus ; Zoo Negara Vice President Chairman of Animal Welfare, Y. Bhg. Dato Seri Low Yow Tian ; Zoo Negara Chairman of Education, En. Mohd Rosdi Ibrahim ; Director of Zoology, Vet and GPCC Zoo Negara, Dr. Mat Naim Ramli.

And another one with the National Zoo mascots.

Group photo with National Zoo mascots

Fast forward another week and it’s the 10th of October 2015. Two more Entopians, Mr. Edemin Ramirez and Ms. Shakirah Yacob joined in another MAZPA hosted even, the AMAZED Conference.

Alright, time to explain the abbreviations again. AMAZED stands for All Malaysian Zoo Educators.
Yes, that’s right our educators were there to learn and share about how they “Speak Up for Wildlife” which is coincidentally also the theme of this year’s conference.

Mr. Ramirez shared how the Nature Specialists of Penang Butterfly Farm then, crafted and conducted the program The Bug Explorations, When Bugs meet Homo Sapiens to serve the purpose of insect awareness and appreciation.

Presenters of the AMAZED conference all smiles!

Presenters of the AMAZED conference all smiles!

Presenters of the AMAZED conference all smiles!

Let’s name them!
From left (yes, your left); Mr. Ramirez, Entopia Nature Programs Section Head, Ms. Neoh, Entopia Nature Education Sr Officer, Ms.Yacob, Entopia Nature Education Programs Sr Specialist, Mr. Hua, Entopia Exhibit Management Jr Officer, Dr. Kevin Lazarus, Chairman of MAZPA, Ms. Bah Pek, Entopia Invert. and Herp Keeper and Mr. Junaidi Omar of Zoo Negara.

Check out more photos of them here.

That’s our participation around town and at Kuala Lumpur so far. Don’t fret, you will see more of us (and the creepy crawlies too) in the days and weeks to come. Not to excite you too much but, we might drive our new “BUG” friend around town too.

Oh, did I mentioned that our new “BUG” friend is stored with freebies and fun filled activities? Alright, now that I did mention it— watch out for it!

Follow our new social media pages to know more about our upcoming escapades!


Are you excited about the opening of Entopia? Do you want to know more? Leave your comments and questions below. We can’t wait to answer them all!

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