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Entopia brightens Moms & Kids Fair up with a touch of nature

Giant Thorny Stick Insect Hobby centre cornerThe 3 day Mums & Kids Fair at Gurney Paragon is finally over. This is the second time we Entopians participated in this event. The event was able to draw the attention of many parents particularly on its last day. Many booths were able to showcase their special and promoted products. We “Entopia” too was a highlight with our little crawly friends showcasing their unique characteristics that truly wowed both the children and parents. During the course of the event, Entopia had brought so much fun and memories to all the visitors who visited our booth. Many children were also attracted by our insect standees, excitedly posing themselves and begging to be photographed.

Frog Legged BeetleThis time, we had brought nature closer to the people of Penang. Although the first day started off slowly, we had good crowds during the weekend. This time, besides showcasing our famous Giant Thorny Stick Insect and Asian Forest Scorpion, we also brought other new friends like the Whip Scorpion and Frog Legged Beetle. We also brought our hobby centre to the event where our beautiful Frog Legged Beetlse, 2-Horned Rhinoceros Beetles and Flower Chafer Beetles were sold. For our membership section, we had the chance to introduce our specially designed Nature Diaries. The diary encourages people to keep journals but also contains many beautiful photos of insects together with their fun facts and activities that people can carry out.

Toro at Gurney Paragon Toro cheers up the crowdOne of the highlights during this event was our Giant Thorny Stick Insects. Many visitors were awed at their gigantic size as they had never seen such a majestic insect. Many people were surprised when they saw what they thought to be a leaf moving slowly through the foliage of Jambu leaves was in fact our Giant Thorny Stick Insect. The insect’s bright green enables it to camouflage itself among the leaves of the Jambu plant. How could anyone ever pass up this wonderful photo opportunity? Many parents and adventurous youngsters took the opportunity to hold the Giant Thorny Stick Insects and pose for photo moments. Some were quite reluctant at first but eventually gave in to the relentless persuasion of their peers.

Toro birthday cake Toro celebrates birthday Entopians celebrate birthdayAnother of our gorgeous eye catcher was the Frog Legged Beetles.  A lot of people would peek through the terrarium to see what those colourful little crawlies were, only to learn that those were Frog Legged Beetles. Many were greatly amazed by the bright metallic hues the beetles possess. In addition, many visitors were also attracted by their frog-like hind legs and their docile nature. Because of their attractiveness, some kids and even parents ended up buying them as pets at our little hobby centre corner. Because of this, our Frog Legged Beetles were selling like hot cakes. All the Frog legged beetles were sold out by the second day.

Last but not least was our 3-horned beetle mascot “Toro” who became the star idol among children and parents. Whenever Toro made his appearance, he was constantly surrounded by his fans for photo moments. A Friend of Entopia (FOE) member purposely made an effort to come to Gurney Paragon to see Toro and to celebrate his birthday with his idol – Toro. He even had a picture of the beetle on his birthday cake specially made. We were so happy that our event team was able to share this memorable moment with him and his family.

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