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Crawlies, Let’s Go!

Here we go again! After a long break due to the major redevelopment, The Entopia Education team travels to Uplands School this time for a round of fun and interactive session with the kids!

A little of behind the scene before the program, the team preparing the props and the animals for the session! The leopard just couldn’t wait to be out to meet them boys and girls!


The students were all-ears when our Nature Educationist gave a captivating introductory speech.


Game time!


The teachers as well did not give in when it comes to having fun! It seems like she was having a hard time dealing with the creepy crawlies ins’t it?


The students were also given the opportunity to interact with the creepy crawlies. Kudos to Uplands and everyone else who put the event together! We had lots of fun and we can’t wait to meet everyone again! Stay tuned for more exciting announcement people! Till then!

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