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Friends of Entopia FAQ

What is Friends of Entopia?

Friends of Entopia is a one year membership programme of Entopia. It offers unlimited entry, exclusive benefits and privileges to its members.

Where can I purchase the Friends of Entopia membership?

You can purchase the Individual or Family Friends of Entopia membership packages at Entopia. It is available at any of our ticket counters, Edu Help Desk and the membership lounge, The Atlas.

What are the benefits of being a member?

  • One year unlimited entry from the time of your registration.
  • A 15% discount on food and beverages at Tapestree and Tapestree (To Go)
  • A 15% discount on selected items at the Entopia Store.
  • A 15% discount on selected items at the Hobby Centre.
  • Discount on members-only Nature Learning programmes and activities.
  • A 15% discount on entrance ticket purchases.
  • Gift vouchers.
  • Free membership kit.
  • Exclusive access to the members-only lounge, The Atlas.
  • Priority lane access at the Edu Help Desk and Ticketing and Reservations counter.

* Terms and Conditions apply

How much is the membership?

Individual Friends of Entopia – RM188.00 (inc. GST)
Friends of Entopia Family – RM398 (inc. GST)

What is the difference between Individual and Family membership?

The Individual Friends of Entopia membership package are for adults aged thirteen (13) years old and above.

Friends of Entopia Family is for two (2) adults aged thirteen (13) years old and above and two (2) children aged four (4) to twelve (12) years old.

How do I register?

  • Purchase the type of membership that you want at our Edu Help Desk or Ticketing counters.
  • Collect your free entrance tickets and registration form from the counter.
  • Proceed to the membership lounge, The Atlas once inside Entopia.
  • Complete your registration, collect your membership card(s) and membership kit.

Do I have to personally process my membership registration?

Yes, you must personally complete your registration. The same goes for the Friends of Entopia Family, each member must be personally present to process their registration.

Is the membership transferable?

No, each member has his/her membership card with name and photo.

Can I pass my card to my family or friends to redeem my free entry and discount?

No, the membership card is non-transferable. The card holder must personally redeem any discount or benefit entitlement.

One of my children is almost 4 years old, can I register him/her?

Yes, if your child is turning 4 years old in the same year of your registration, you may register him/her in advance.

One of my children is turning 13 years old in a few months, can I still list him/her as a child during my registration?

If your child is 12 years old upon the date of your registration, yes you may still register him/her as a child.

What are the modes of payment during registration?

You can pay for the membership using cash or credit card/debit card.

If I renew my membership, will it be the same price?

Throughout the duration of your membership year, we will send you voucher booklets or discount coupons for you to be able to renew your membership at a discounted price. Moreover, we will have various promotions throughout the year which you can avail.

What is the membership lounge?

The Entopia membership lounge is located in The Natureland sanctuary. It is a place for the members to relax during their visit. The lounge offers free wifi access, coffee, tea and an activity area for families. It is strictly for members only.

Can I bring food in the membership lounge?

Bringing-in of food in the membership lounge is prohibited. Members can enjoy dining at Tapestree which is conveniently located just next to the lounge.

I already bought my entrance ticket and I want to exchange for membership. Is it possible?

If you have already purchased a normal priced adult entrance ticket (RM49.00) you may proceed to the membership lounge and exchange it to a Individual Friends of Entopia membership package by paying a top-up price of RM139.00.

Can I convert my family’s entrance tickets to a family membership package?

Yes, effective on 1 August 2016 onwards.

Can I convert my membership to either family or individual?

All membership sale are final. It is non-convertible to any other category.

Can I cancel my membership?

No, all sales are final and are non-refundable. You may wait for it to naturally expire.

As a member, are there any free programmes or activities for me?

Yes, we have scheduled various activities and workshops throughout the year. Some are free or charge while other are available at a discounted price for members.

I only have one (1) child, can I register another child other than my own?

Yes. The family membership does not necessarily be actual family members, as long as it is composed of two (2) adults and two (2) children within the age bracket required.