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Programmes for Secondary & Tertiary Students, Organisations & Families

Looking to get your adrenaline pumping? Take up one of these challenging thrills and you could walk away with prizes if your group wins! Team up with friends and family members for some quality bonding activities. We do learning in a fun way!

Wondering what IRAMA is? Here are some hints. They have various characteristics, colours and are of numerous types! Some of them are beyond adorable and some get hyperactive when in the dark! If you still can’t figure it out, join us to unveil the true faces of IRAMA. Game on!

Bored of being a student? Then be an IRAMA hunter! Your target: Solving quests and photo capturing the smallest creatures that you can find in Entopia! But you’re not the only one hunting for them, so get your cameras ready and “shoot” your winning collection now. Get ready to roll!

Entopia learning for secondary schools

Outreach Programme

Crawlies, Let’s Go!

Interested in our programmes but having difficulties arranging your group to come see us? Good news! Invite crawlies and friends from Entopia to your neighbourhood for an extraordinary experience. They are all set for show-and-tell! The crawlies love us, so your neighbourhood will definitely love us too!

Challenge (seasonal)

Insectipede Mission

This is an interactive floor game that requires teamwork to challenge The King of Centipede Island! Get ahead, with the aid of helpful stick insects, but do not let the evil centipedes swallow you down! If you and your team like solving puzzles, squeezing some of your brain juice and looking for a challenge, this game is made for you! Do you have what it takes to conquer Centipede Island? Get your head in the game!


Is ninety minutes insufficient for a fun session with our crawlies? Fear not! Come join any of our half day or full day workshops, or ask us to customise one based on your needs! We will try our best to make your learning experience in Entopia truly enjoyable.

Be a crafty artist, and let your fingers do the talking! Use your creativity to create your own masterpiece with leftover materials. Your masterpiece can be brought home for display too! Come stretch your imagination in the world of arts and crafts!

How well do you know the fauna of our nation? With 20% of the world’s animal species, Malaysia is one of only 17 countries in the world recognised as being ‘megadiverse’. Join us to discover the unique and hidden living wonders of Malaysia, and be inspired to protect Mother Nature!

This workshop is specially designed for teachers to interact and share their knowledge based on the theme set. Who will be the next Ambassador for our crawlies? Make this a worthwhile experience in your teaching career!

Birthday Parties & Events

Crawlies’ Special Appearances!

Looking to add highlights to your party or event at The Sphere? Our crawly friends here are always ready to bring joy and surprises to your party to make it more lively! However, when it comes to some serious events, they are all ready to be your trainers too. Magical moments are awaiting you!

Entopia learning for adults