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Programmes for Secondary & Tertiary Schools

Looking for a challenge like no other? Get your gears ready to team up with your friends and put your heads together for one of our exciting games! A little friendly competition never hurt anybody, so come with us and let’s do learning the fun way!

Looking for a fun, stimulating and awesome get-together for you and your mates? Come play with us and learn mind-blowing facts about our impressive crawly friends! Do you have what it takes to be crowned the Kings and Queens of insect trivia? Take the challenge and find out for yourselves!

Duration: 2 Hours
Group Size: Minimum 30 pax

Take up the challenge and be an IRAMA hunter! Your target: Solve quests and capture photos of the smallest critters that you can find in Entopia! Race against time and other challengers, but don’t forget to be creative. Get your cameras ready and “shoot” your winning collection now!

Duration: 2 Hours
Group Size: Minimum 30 pax

Entopia learning for secondary schools

Outreach Programme for All Ages

Crawlies, Let’s Go!

Interested in our programmes but having difficulties arranging your group to come see us? Good news! We will bring the experience to you!  Invite crawlies and friends from Entopia to your neighbourhood for an extraordinary encounter. They are all set for show-and-tell. The crawlies love us, so your neighbourhood will definitely love us too!

Duration: 2 Hours
Group Size: Minimum 50 pax

Entopia learning for adults