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Programmes for Corporations, Organisations & Families

Nature Learning Team Building Programme

Take a break at Entopia for a day of fun with your work mates! It is easy to foster team spirit while solving puzzles together in our interactive challenges. Engage in a hands-on session with our weird and wonderful crawlies, and bond with each other through this unique nature learning experience.

Duration: Half A Day or Full Day
Group Size: Minimum 50 pax

Teachers’ Workshop

Share your knowledge and experiences with fellow educators in these quarterly-held workshops, offered exclusively to teachers! Ignite your passion for nature-learning, and be inspired to share the love for nature, as we explore different topics about the beautiful world we live in. Make this a worthwhile experience in your teaching career.

Duration: Half A Day or Full Day
Group Size: Minimum 30 pax

Insectipede Mission

This is an interactive floor game that requires teamwork to challenge The King of Centipede Island! f you and your team like solving puzzles, and are looking for a challenge… this game is made for you!

Duration: 2 Hours
Group Size: Minimum 12 pax

2D/1N Camp

Craving for an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city life? Then be part of our overnight camping adventure! We customise the itinerary accordingly to your needs, to make sure you get the ultimate nature experience. Whether you choose to fill your days with power-packed games, go behind the scenes, or roam freely with our fluttering residents in The Natureland, we’ve go you covered! What better way to learn more about Mother Nature than being immersed in it? Plan your trip today!

Birthday, Anniversary Or Get-Together Events!

Looking to add highlights to your party or event at The Sphere? Our crawly friends here are always ready to bring joy and surprises to your party to make it come alive! Our crawlies special appearance are customisable to fit your needs… and will make your event extra special.  Magical moments await!

Entopia learning for kindergarten & primary students