Ants and Aphids by ©-Stuart-Williams-(CC-BY-SA-2.0)

Humans admire the ants’ diligence and sense of unity. These little crawlies have inspired us in many ways, and stories were written about them.

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Like the butterfly, every ant goes through 4 stages in its life: egg, larva, pupa and adult. However, did you know that an ant colony has its own life cycle as well? Let’s explore more!

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Pacman Frog

The word ‘amphibian’ means ‘double life’. It describes an animal that spends part of its time on land, and part of it in water. It can breathe through its skin.

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Occupy Beach Street

The weekend is here once again, and it’s time for the loud and happening Occupy Beach Street which takes place in the heart of Georgetown. Entopia was there to promote our Nature Education Programmes and our Friends of Entopia membership which provides unlimited entry for an entire year.

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monarch butterfly

The key driver of butterfly extinction is the loss of habitat. Human clear lands for agriculture, logging, mining, roads, and urban development. As a result, the food plants for caterpillars and adults are removed. Conditions that support the ecosystem change, making the land unsuitable for butterflies.

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Firefly resting on a leaf

Despite its name, fireflies are not flies at all! Instead, they have hardened forewings called elytra, and belong to the most abundant order of insects, Coleoptera, or the beetles.

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Fireflies are beneficial insects that you want around! The larvae of most species are specialised predators that feed on soft-bodied invertebrates like snails, slugs, and mites.

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Summer hits Tenby International School Penang again this year on the 16 July 2016 and Entopia's Bug Rover was there to bring nature closer to community.
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Entopia Pressroom

The Penang Butterfly Farm, the tropical world’s 1st butterfly and insect sanctuary, was founded by David Goh in 1986, once a young teacher and self taught entomologist. Now, David Goh is the Chairman of Butterfly House (Pg) Sdn Bhd, the company that manages Entopia.

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Banded Swallowtail Caterpillar

Besides being well known as pollinators, butterflies are also food sources for other animals, such as birds, small lizards and frogs. In order to avoid becoming a predator’s delicious meal, butterflies have to develop several strategies to fight back.

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Intrinsic value Butterflies and moths are the second most abundant species of insects in the world, after the beetles. Butterflies exist on all continents except Antarctica. Butterflies have a long natural history on Earth. Scientists…

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Bug Rover Penang Tour

The Bug Rover has been officially launched with overwhelming response and support from fellow Penangites. It’s maiden tour around Penang will now begin on the second half of this memorable day in Entopian history.

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Presenters of the AMAZED conference all smiles!

If you are an avid newspaper reader, you might have read about Penang Butterfly Farm’s transformation into Entopia a few months back. Together with that transformation news, is the exciting bit that—Entopia is opening sometime…

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Crawlies, let's go!

Here we go again! After a long break due to the major redevelopment, The Entopia Education team travels to Uplands School this time for a round of fun and interactive session with the kids! A…

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