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The Story Behind The Brand

It has always been in the DNA of PBF to innovate and raise the bar, as a unique nature learning destination for visitors of all ages.

The rebranding entails: expanding and redeveloping its existing facilities, restructuring the organisation to deliver world-class and meaningful experiences. This means focusing on the organisation’s vision, “Living in harmony with Mother Nature” and empowering its workforce to realise that goal.

For most of us, we will always remember Penang Butterfly Farm as a place where we can be up close with thousands of butterflies. For years, the organisation has been planning for this major redevelopment, not only to create a magical experience of being surrounded by these flying gems, but also bring out the beauty of Nature’s other critters.

The change is also driven by the aim of broadening its consultancy services on a global scale. With its existing client portfolio, it has established itself as a reliable innovator of live butterfly sanctuaries. With each sanctuary created, PBF is able to reach out to more people around the world and spread the message of Insect and Nature conservation.

Now, after more than a year of rebranding, it is introducing a new image, two new worlds, and a new chapter in its journey.

Entopia logo
Based on Constantinos Doxiadis’ Ekistic philosophy of settlements, what people need is not utopia (‘no place’) but Entopia (‘in place’) – a real place, which satisfies the dreamer and the scientist, where the projections of the artist and the builder merge. Today, we are pleased to unveil the plans for this paradise on earth for insects, plants and humanity.

Amidst the chaos of our daily lives, Entopia will help all of us rediscover the true balance between human and nature. That is why the team at Penang Butterfly Farm turned to nature for the secret of true harmony and created a logo that sets the perfect stage of seen and unseen beauty with leafy letterforms. A poetic dance expressed in joyful strokes. It is a magical canvas that unites the best of both worlds – plants and insects.

The plot thickens with the symbolic ‘o’ with a bug eaten leaf. It is a reminder not to take the unsung heroes in the animal kingdom for granted. With invertebrates representing 99% of life on earth, there is so much we can learn about them and how they make the world a better place for us. The organisation is set to give them and nature a voice. Styled to depict a one-stop hub, the ‘o’ is like our signature portal to a very special paradise on earth, where new discoveries and imaginations take flight.

The colours of nature is of emerald glory to promote the message of harmony, hope and joy. The new logo is a message to the world, a call to act more responsibly as we relearn from nature together.

Voices of NatureVoices of Nature is what Entopians have been listening to. It is what drives every Entopian to seek harmony in a world of chaos. It is a call from Mother Nature; a call for all us to reconnect back to the true spirit of human nature. It is that voice that resonates in all of us. Just waiting to be awakened by the possibilities of a harmonious future with Nature.

While “Voices of Nature” is Entopia’s tagline, it also acts as a compass for Entopians. Entopians are guided not only through the spirit and voice of Mother Nature, but also through their passion in sharing the larger responsibility of solving some of the world’s toughest problems and challenges through long term education.

Entopians strongly believe that education and awareness should always start with the young, planting seeds of opportunity in making a difference someday; seeds with hope of growing young people into responsible human beings in their lifetime. Choosing to hear the voices of Nature, Entopians are on a path to influence and impact the society in a positive way for many years to come.

As human beings, we talk, we share and we tell our stories. But as responsible human beings, we Entopians help the voiceless living share their stories. As Entopians, we stand up for all the voices of nature.