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Butterfly Garden Consulting Services

Being a pioneer in Asia by leading the butterfly garden tourism industry since the 80s, and through our passion on butterflies and insects, we have lend our expertise to others by consulting and establishing many other butterfly gardens in the region.

As we have also been farming butterflies on our own, we have been able to solve most of the complexities in breeding of butterflies and creating the ecological balance which butterfly gardens must have, in order to allow butterflies to survive. There are actually quite a number of aspects for which a butterfly garden requires attention, such as species diversity, guard against predation, propogation and horticultural beauty, to name a few.

By leveraging on our competence and experience in this field, those complexities are easily solved, as we maximise the value of your idea, time and investment.

Here are some of the major chapters in our consulting process:

  1. Butterfly park feasibility study and conceptualization
  2. Design development butterfly gardens or flight aviaries.
  3. New site assessment and feasibility studies.
  4. Butterfly house architectural and landscaping planning and coordination.
  5. Advice on endangered and protected species.
  6. Advice on the association of horticultural and entomological needs for the well being of the live exhibits.
  7. Advice on the control of micro-climatic conditions, heating, humidity, light levels and other atmospheric differences within the aviary.
  8. Educational indoor activity centre setup and customisation.
  9. Educational, Scientific and Eco-Tourism conference, exchange, lecture and training
  10. Retail store setup and butterfly and insect related merchandise sourcing.

Please feel free to reach us for for a discussion on your idea.

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