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Entopia Consulting

Entopia Consulting is the leading consultant for many prime butterfly gardens around the world. With more than 20 years experience in creating and maintaining our own butterfly garden – Entopia by Penang Butterfly Farm (formerly known as Penang Butterfly Farm – the World’s 1st Tropical Live Butterfly & Insect Sanctuary), we have also successfully helped others in establishing and opening their own butterfly gardens to the world.

Entopia Consulting recently created a butterfly themed garden for Changi International Airport, Singapore, which is the first of its kind in the world, located at its new Terminal 3. This butterfly themed garden which houses approximately 1000 butterflies, is a tropical nature retreat which allows visitors to experience nature, while observing the different stages of butterfly life cycle, such as the emergence of adult butterflies from pupae, and the caterpillars feeding on host plants especially during night time.

The popularity of butterfly gardens has led to a new horizon of fundamental research of butterfly life history which in the past was not widely carried out by Lepidopterists (researchers of butterflies and moths) except collecting and identifying them for taxonomic work and mapping their distribution worldwide as evidenced in many published literature during the 19th and 20th Centuries. This life-history research has apparently lifted the century-old hobby to another level and it has also attracted a new breed of hobbyists and enthusiasts. This indirectly has helped in creating a new channel for nature education. This is the major concern and also the direction of most butterfly houses as well as those who care about nature in general and butterflies in particular. Thus Changi Airport’s butterfly garden, being in the international hub of commerce, is able to play the same role in providing such opportunity internationally in creating awareness of the threats to our mother-nature through the understanding of butterfly’s life history. Besides creating awareness, the butterfly garden itself will serve as an additional attraction to visitors to Changi Airport.

Entopia Consulting has also acted as a consultancy firm for a Malaysian public listed housing development company (SP Setia) to enhance their housing project with a recreated butterfly habitat. As a leading private housing development company, it has pioneered in a new concept by incorporating a recreated butterfly habitat into their new residential housing project known as Setia Eco Park and invested also in a butterfly conservatory to enhance the educational value for the residents’ young generation.

As their consultant, Entopia Consulting has followed their development progress since 2004 and has apparently succeeded up to this stage whereby the host plants for more than 20 selected species of local butterflies identified at the nearby Forest Reserve have thrived very well and the ongoing propagation work has been on schedule. Butterflies have started to appear and we are hopeful that we will achieve our objective of a sustainable environment with significant colonies of butterflies flying around this Eco Park in foreseeable future. But eventually the maturing process of the ecological balance will determine the end result, particularly in relation to predation and diseases of these re-introduced butterflies.

In 2008, Entopia Consulting expanded its consultancy services by consulting on the setting up of exhibitions. One of the major projects driven by Entopia Consulting was a scientific and educational exhibition held at the Beijing Botanical Garden, China. The exhibition which was named, Magical Wings of the Tropics was aimed at educating its visitors on the beauty of nature and the importance of nature conservation via breeding of butterflies and insects.

Entopia Consulting also proposed the concept of communication which included stunning imagery and description which are stimulating, well elaborated and for easy assimilation by the general public. This educational sharing which takes advantage of Entopia’s extensive knowledge in butterfly research and breeding, attracted visitors from all categories; the general public, VIPs, students, photographers, nature enthusiasts and entomologists.