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About Entopia

Entopia, Penang Butterfly Farm reinvented


“Lessons from nature have to be free from the confines of the classroom to be meaningful. That’s why I dreamed of an idyllic garden to share my passion.”

Mr David Goh, founder & insect enthusiast

Who would have thought that a tropical eco-system prototype for Clive Farrell’s greenhouse at Stratford-on-Avon, UK in the 1980’s would start an emerging trend in live butterfly exhibitions around the world? Little did we know that a simple hobby in the Goh’s backyard would eventually evolve into a thriving butterfly-breeding business and the place to be in Penang.

Since opening our doors to the public in March 1986, Penang Butterfly Farm – the first tropical butterfly exhibition in the world – has played host to over 4 million visitors. Inspired by our conversations with visitors and academia near and far, we have built on our rich heritage to create the ultimate “Nature Learning Destination”.

It is this same desire to help people live in better harmony with nature that led to our rebirth as ENTOPIA. Imagine nature’s largest classroom and discovery hub, where the butterflies and insects are free to come out to play. This is our very own Entomological Utopia.